Timetable & Fees


8 flights per day (4 round trips) / one-way time: approx. 55 min.

 Departure from Fuke PortArrival at Sumoto Port  Departure from Sumoto PortArrival at Fuke Port
one flight08:00 Departure08:55 Arrivaltwo flights09:15 Departure10:10 Arrival
three flights10:30 Departure11:25 Arrival4 flights11:45 Departure12:40 Arrival
5 flights14:40 Departure15:35 Arrival6 flights16:25 Departure17:20 Arrival
7 Flight17:40 Departure18:35 Arrival8 flights18:55 Departure19:50 Arrival

Boarding fee (one-way)

Adults (junior high school students and older): 1,500 yen
Children (elementary school students): 500 yen
Preschool children: free of charge
Sports Cycle: 300 yen
*Please pay by cash or paypay.
*Please purchase tickets for boarding together as a group, as the ticket counter will be crowded.
*There is also a charge (300 yen) for loading in a wheeled bag. Please bring your own bags.
The maximum number of sports bikes that can be loaded is 31 (depending on handlebar type). (The number varies depending on the handlebar type.)
*Please consult with us in advance if you plan to use the facility as a group with a large number of people

Conditions of use when loading a sports cycle (without using a wheeled bag )

The bicycle must have a front wheel that can be removed. The front fork must be the same shape as that of a road bike (front fork width 100mm).
Either quick release or through axle is acceptable.
*So-called “mom-and-pop” bicycles are not available. Bicycle rentals are available in the vicinity of both ports.

As shown in the photo below, remove the front wheel of the bicycle and fix the fork end to the cycle hook. After fixing, cover it with a waterproof cover for safety.

*Please note that some rain or tide may be applied due to weather conditions.

Discounts on boarding fees (discounts cannot be combined)

Round-trip discount (return trip only): 1 discount ( adult/1,350 yen, child/450 yen)
*Please present the ticket stub with the discount coupon for the outbound trip at the ticket office for the return trip.

Discount for persons with disabilities: Half price ( Adults/750 yen, Children/250 yen)
*Please present your disability certificate at the ticket booth.

Student discount: 2 off ( Adult/1,200 yen)
*This program is for junior high school students and older.
*Please present your student ID card at the ticket booth.

Senior discount: 1 discount ( Adult/1,350 yen)
*This program is for those who are 65 years of age or older.
*Please present your ID at the ticket booth to confirm your age.

Group discount (8 persons or more, reservation required): 1 discount ( Adults/1,350 yen, Children/450 yen)
*Please be sure to make a reservation at least one day prior to the date of use.
*No discount will be applied if you have not made a reservation.

Minna no Notte Wari 10: 9,000 yen (same price for up to 10 people, 900 yen per person for 11 or more people)
*Only the following flights are available.
The 2nd (from Sumoto Port at 9:15), 4th (from Sumoto Port at 11:45), 5th (from Fukahi Port at 14:40), 7th (from Fukahi Port at 17:40)
*Please be sure to make a reservation at least one day prior to the date of use.
*No discount will be applied if you have not made a reservation.